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Skytree - CO2 solutions for everyday life: Turning CO2 from a waste-stream into a profitable, sustainable resource

by SKytree

We are solving the problem of extraction of CO2 from closed spaces.

In closed confined spaces such as buildings and cars the CO2 level rises to 1000-2500 ppm from an ideal 400-600 ppm leading to health issues such as decreased cognitive ability, disorientation, suffocation, headaches and adverse impact on central nervous system. The CO2 build-up also leads to higher energy costs for cooling ~ 40% increase as a greater quantity of fresh air needs to be circulated to ventilate the space. We will extract CO2 from these closed spaces to improve the quality of air and reduce energy consumption for buildings and increase the range for cars as a result of the energy savings.

We are a spin-off from the European Space Agency that has developed a unique CO2 sorbent that efficiently scrubs the gas molecules from ambient air. Our Direct Air Capture (DAC) CO2 supply or extraction units can be used anywhere and are plug & play. They maintain stable CO2 levels autonomously and are adjustable. Our solution can supply continuous concentrated carbon dioxide at over 99% purity for a period of 5 years with no replacement parts. Our unique sorbent adsorbs CO2 from the air (similar to trees but 100x more efficiently) which is then released via a stable, regenerative and low energy heating process.

We have internationally registered patents for the design of our adsorption and desorption cycles, low-cost gas enrichment and the way our capture process is coupled to specific applications of CO2 extraction from building/automobiles and CO2 supply to greenhouses, water treatment and fuel production.

We have worked on several prototypes and co-development projects with market leaders from various industries such as Jaguar Land Rover, Farmshelf (urban greenhouses), Hatenboerwater (water treatment) and EHEIM (aquarium). We have also won a grant supported by the European Commission to supported by the European Commission to supply CO2 for carbon-negative fuel synthesis.