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AI for wind turbines - The smart energy of the future www.onwrks,com

by Onwrks

We all know to day about the harmful affects of CO2 emissions and the impact of global warming.
We also know that the wind energy is one of the best clean and renewable alternative for polluting energy sources. With such an important task, we expect the wind industry to use the wind in the best way possible. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. It is estimated that we are loosing 10% percent of the possible energy that could be produced from wind because of turbines under performing. Furthermore, most maintenance is done after the wind turbine has broken down, leaving thousands of turbines around the world standing still for now good reason! This lost energy is compensated for by producing more energy from polluting sources.

Up until recently, these losses were considered just a "part of the business". But the latest advancement in machine and deep learning have now turned the tables. Onwrks provides deep learning tools that allow predictive maintenance and optimize wind farm performance. Our tools can save the industry today €4.5 Billion a year. Help make the wind industry the cheapest form of energy production and bring us one step closer to a sustainable future!