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by Sera4

Enterprises with valuable assets over a wide geography have a fundamental problem. They need to choose between security and operational efficiency. Take telecom towers: service people need to periodically service the sites which have valuable copper, batteries and electronics inside. To choose security, keys/fobs must be held in depots and checked out/in. This is very inefficient as a service contractor needs to drive to the depot, then from a depot to a site, then perform work that may take as little as 10 minutes, then back to the depot and back to home/office. This could be a full day of driving. Most enterprises choose operational efficiency, which means everyone gets a copy of the key - low security. Worse, when the service person knows others have a copy of the key, they feel anonymous and incidents of theft skyrocket.

Sera4 develops Teleporte, an access solution that uses smartphones as keys to solve this problem because everyone already carries one. Teleporte is built with security at it's core. Many other wireless locks are easily hacked, while we trace our security roots to Blackberry. The access control market is dominated by traditional lock companies adding features to their metal. We are different. We enable smartphone control of any electromechanical lock and integrate all types into one easy network with full control and audit trail. Our customers see ROI on their investment in a Teleporte system within 2-3 months at each secured site.