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by Stylevisit

Dear Octorank Team,

let me introduce You today Stylevisit!

We are a young startup from Northern Germany, have created a web-based solution for beauty and wellness industry. Stylevisit helps salons in the beauty business to be more visible and economically viable by providing an all-rounder tool for salon management (B2B).
At the same time Stylevisit is a marketplace for beauty and wellness (B2C).

Stylevisit covers all the needs by optimizing and simplifying work-flow processes of a salon in beauty business.
Following the motto: ‘Be visible and fill your order books.’

Customers benefit from a convenient appointment at the salon of their choice, the master of their confidence, nearby. In addition, the feedback function provides additional assurance about the quality of services.

Basing on experience and analysis of weak points we gathered by working with Stylevisit, we came to the conclusion, that each service-oriented provider needs a familiar instrument to communicate with customers and manage their business.

We got the idea, that many functions could be also reusable in different service-oriented industries. Thus we decided to create a platform, in which we can integrate white-label business apps for different business areas as well as Stylevisit.

Now we are working on B2B assist messenger for service-oriented companies!
Main purpose is to optimize activities between Professional < > Appointment < > Customer
Assist customers in conversation with bot AI
Customers can install our bot in preferred messenger like FBM, Telegram, Viber, etc
Simplify customer management, segmentation and notification
Develop reusable apps for other B2B industry areas..

Thank your for your attention!

We love beauty and suggest
a Win-Win-Strategy

Kind regards,
Anna Felde
CEO & Co-founder