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by 5Ziele is a new Goal Setting Community, especially for the German-speaking countries.
With our social media platform, users have the opportunity to achieve their life goals more easily and quickly.

Today there are many people who have personal goals, visions and dreams in their lives.
Unfortunately, they don't know any contact person who has already achieved their personal goals.
Unfortunately, they don't have this contact person who can answer their questions about how to achieve these goals and perhaps in a much shorter time. solves this problem.
We connect people who want to achieve their personal goals, visions and dreams with people who have already achieved these goals.

What makes our start-up unique is that we are a social network with a special twist. Our social network is not about being entertained by funny photos and videos. Our social network is all about making it easier to achieve one's own life goals.

In our social network everyone benefits. You can advise a person on how to achieve your goals more easily and at the same time being advised on how to achieve your goals more easily.

A practical example: Adrian is 17 years old and knows that one day he wants to become an entrepreneur. Adrian is then connected to Bernt (30), an entrepreneur. Now Adrian has the opportunity to write to Bernt and ask him questions about how and what he can do to become an entrepreneur.
But what does Bernt get out of helping Adrian? Bernt has registered on the website in order to achieve its own goals. If Bernt has taken the goal to revive his Spanish, Bernt will be connected to the Spanish teacher Celina (45). That's how it works.

Ultimately, we have achieved a system of taking and giving on our social media platform.

After 5 successful years in the German speaking countries, we want to expand our business globally.