Startup Choice 2017 > Submission

ARVRtech and ImmersiveM

by ARVRTech (ImmersiveM platform)

Our passion, our baby and our soul is - ImmersiveM, an intelligent platform for fast creation and deployment of AR/VR powered marketing campaigns utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

There are several challenges that we are solving:

Apps are expensive, take a long time to develop, and should fit multi platforms: AR and VR applications are mostly developed on a custom basis which leads to long time-to-market and high costs. Typical application cost is between $5000 to $200,000 and takes from 1 to 10 months to develop with diverse expertise involved. Also, it is necessary to support a wide spectrum of platforms (AR/VR HMDs, smart phones, PCs, OSs).

Also, marketing campaigns need to evolve constantly so that companies drive revenue and growth. Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies offer the opportunity to create rich, immersive and deeply engaging experiences for consumers which are revolutionising the marketing. For example, in study from November 2016 Nielsen and YuMe presented a campaign across three formats— traditional 2-D, flat 360-degree video and true VR —found that VR prompted a 27% higher user reaction and kept them engaged for 34% times longer.