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AmbiGate GmbH - eReha

by AmbiGate

With eReha your backworkout becomes an adventure!

Do you also suffer from back pain? You are defenitely not alone!
56 Mio. people in Germany suffer from back pain. We cause 70 Mio. absence days and 55 Billion Euros of economic damage every year!

Why? We are sitting too much!
At a typical working day we sit in average 12 hours a day! In the car, at the desk, for lunch, etc.
Our back is truly not made for this.
We should sit less and do more prevention.
But there are 2 main issues that keep us away from exercising: Lack of time and lack of motivation.

Our solution eReha is a motivating and time saving 3D camera- and videogame-based personal virtual Coach.

For its use you need:
• The eReha Software
• A TV or Display
• 3D-Camera (we use the Kinect from Microsoft)
• and a Computer

eReha is founded on 3 pillars:

1. Realtime Feedback
We brought a virtual personal trainer to life. He shows the exercises. His eyes are a 3D-Camera that helps him to detect incorrect movements in real-time.
2. Biometric Parameters
The system can display the progress of rehabilitation or training, the precision of the executed exercises and much more.
3. Gamification
It is much more motivating to navigate a bird or catch some fish while exercising instead of staring at a blank wall. (Intrinsic motivation makes it much easier to keep going.)

eReha can be used preventively or parallel to physiotherapy, as corporate healthcare program, rehabilitation support and more. The system is easy to use and convenient - Switch on and start.

We have 2 Businessmodels:
eReha Home is B2B2C, where Therapists act as multiplier and eReha Business we use a B2B Model

It´s not only us believing in eReha but also our Partners such as professors, health insurances, clinics, the federal ministry of economics and the largest physical therapy association of Germany.

If you want to meet our virtual Coach and have a great time. Come over to our booth at HRS.