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Re2you's Mobility Solution

by re2you gmbh

re2you is a proprietary cloud browsing software that integrates all devices into one connected ecosystem. With re2you, you can drag and drop content and apps from any connected device to any other device. No complicated syncs, no need to find workarounds to link incompatible hardware, no up- and downloads. Our B2B solution provides functionality as a service for the mobility sector.

Car producers struggle to maintain a competitive connected strategy. The time it takes to manufacture a car versus other devices means that the console on your brand-new car is outdated by the time its wheels hit the road. re2you offers updates over-the-air (OTR), an end-to-end secure layer over the cloud, and a hardware-agnostic platform, so that the connected car can seamlessly integrate into the user's device ecosystem - regardless of what other devices the user operates. Because only transient data is stored on the device itself, a user's data stays with the user, and not with the device - that means we offer a connected solution for shared mobility services, like car sharing services, or on-board entertainment in planes and trains.

re2you offers a connected solution for mobility providers is easy to integrate, secure, and sustainable.