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by Selfapy

650 million people suffer from mental illness, like depression, anxiety or eating disorders,
worldwide. Even in developed countries there is a huge treatment gap: 50% do not get
treated. Accessing care is stigmatised, expensive, and for most people out of reach. Even in
Germany, there is a 3-months waiting time to see a psychotherapist. This lack of treatment
is associated not only with an increase in suicides every year, but also with huge costs to the
worldwide economy, as psychological disorders are the second largest reason of why people
become the second largest reason of why people fall sick at work.

Selfapy offers scientifically proven online therapy courses against depression, anxiety,
eating disorders and burnout that make effective & discrete therapy instantly available.
Online programs are based on the classic approach of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and
were developed together with researchers and psychotherapists. Based on a unique
algorithm we are currently developing, courses directly match the individual needs of the
patient. In order to enhance compliance and improve care, courses are supported by weekly
calls or chat conversations with clinical psychologists. It is the combination of advanced
technology together with elements of traditional care that leads to the high effectiveness of
our therapy program.