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SafeMode- creating a world with absolute safe driving

by SafeMode

SafeMode Vision is to create a world with absolute safe driving, today we started with changing the human driver behavior with 2 models- "The Carrot" & "The Stick". Integrating this data to the autonomous vehicles will actualize our vision.
While the rest of the world is trying to teach the autonomous cars how to drive perfectly, the human drivers will still stay on the road for decades and it creates a cyborg time with 2 different craters on the road- Robots (known as autonomous vehicles) and humans. even if the autonomous car would drive perfectly- it's still having the problems of humans that can crash into them.
SafeMode will teach the autonomous car the human drivers driving patterns and behaviors regards every aspect- geographical- location and routes, type of vehicle, time in the day etc.
The required data is generated from our current product which is even more revolutionary. SafeMode system is changing the human driver behavior and improve it in terms of smartphone usage and texting while driving, the driver condition and focus on the road (driver distractions) and of course physical & mechanical driving (braking, turnings, accelerating).
You might ask yourself how can we change drivers' behavior. so currently we are focusing fleets- professional drivers which related to fatal accidents 7 times more than their load on the road, in addition to insurance and rental car companies.
We have 2 modes of actions- "The Carrot" and "The Stick"- the carrot model is changing the driver behavior with approach of internal triggers that are motivating the drivers to drive safety in more than 30%! (and an economically- saving more than 5% in fuel consumption).
"The stick" related to fleets insurance companies and organizations (can fit also to families) with the approach of setting policy of the fleets/ organization and enforce the driver to driver under the policy with SafeMode system.