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Schaumwolke - the new Eye-Catcher for your Event

by Schaumwolke

We created an innovation for marketing purposes.

Our machines produce helium filled foam, that we press through a stencil. So we can create any kind of logo - and let it fly up in the air. Imagine, a flying Apple, Mercedes, Volkswagen logo, numbers, text....whatever...!

Every 15 seconds we release a new logo out of our magic machine and it lasts for more than 40 minutes in the air. While others just use the ground, your message can be seen in another dimenson.

With our technology you can catch everyone's eye and gain a surprised smile - guaranteed.
People see the rising foam and want to know what it is about - there is no better way to draw attention.
Thousands of photos and videos are taken and shared on Social media.

Schaumwolke is a 100% enviromently friendy product. Kids can eat and swallow the foam. However, it is not tasty, but absolutely non-toxic.

For indoor and outdoor use!

Sustainability: Pollution caused by Balloons
Fascinated people follow the balloons on events while they disappear in the sky. In the sky? Really?
Far wrong. The balloons end up in the trees or in the water and become a burden there for flora and fauna.

Customers reported that they often receive complaints after their events from the forest ranger, because their balloons get stuck in the woods. Often we hear the comparison: you are the balloon 2.0.

That may be right, but the environment friendly version.

Our target group:
- Company Events
- Trade Shows
- Sport Events
- Festivals
- Red Carpet Events / Galas
- Stage Shows
- Weddings
- Promotions on POS
- Jubilee

Honestly we never expected a that big boom of our business as we are faced right now. We are actually flashed but delighted when people call us the Start-up with the highest scale potential.

Currently we develop our strategy to grow nationwide and international.

You are more than welcome to be a part of the team, if you like.
Let‘s bring the smile back into marketing.