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by Smartivate

Problem: Awareness & information about Smart Home benefits and savings, affordability of smart home devices are few things people in Germany lack with. During our survey's we have come across certain situations with customers, where they know the benefits and want to make their home smart, but have problems with product selection, product installation, and compatibility between products(62%). Data protection is one of the major problems, people in Germany are dealing with. On the other hand, Smart home providers/manufacturers find it difficult to communicate the benefits and eliminate concerns of smart products.

To address all the problems in the market, we have built a bridge between SmartHome providers & customers with our solutions.

We are an Intelligent online store with an "one stop shop solutions" for smart home products unlike all other E-commerce platforms. Our Market place provides an 'end to end solution' right from educating the customer, preparing tailor-made solutions for his/her house, installation of smart devices and security solutions of the products installed in their homes.

Interactive interface: Customers are enlightened about the benefits of Smart Home products and their functionalities through a VR house on our platform. The virtual reality home on our platform, leads to a real-world experience of smart home products, functionalities and their advantages.

Savings Analyser: With an Energy Efficiency Dashboard, we educate customers showing the savings potential generated by the use of smart home products & give an overview of amortisation.

Environment friendly: Selling of Smart devices saves not only energy but also CO2 emissions, where customer gets to know how many trees he/she can offset after buying & using smart devices.

Security systems: The security solutions affirm that devices are hack proof & protects devices from being hacked, which in-turn makes suppliers to rely us for selling products.