Startup Choice 2017 > Submission


by 5Analytics

The 5Analytics AI Platform ADA enables companies to use artificial intelligence to automate important commercial decisions and implement digital business models.

What is the problem you are solving?
Companies that focus on digitization or industry 4.0 are dependant make on making smart decisions automatically and at an early stage. The challenge is to handle large amounts of data intelligently, user-oriented and, above all, quickly, so that companies can work effectively and profitably. Although there are a variety of software products for data analysis, there are almost no products that help companies integrate these analyses into their business processes to support decision-making or use automatic decision-making.

What is unique about your solution?
The main goal is to increase efficiency, reduce costs and save resources at the same time. The core product of 5Analytics is the 5Analytics AI Platform ADA, that makes it possible to execute complex statistical analyses and AI methods in real-time. 5Analytics develops Artificial Intelligence solutions like recommendation engines, dynamic prizing, customer analytics, active process control, supply chain analysis, predictive maintenance etc. as well as consultancy services.