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Applanga - Make Localization Great Again

by Applanga

Localization, meaning the process of translating your app/game/website into multiple languages, is a very time consuming and error prone process. Also a big part of needs to be done by developers who are typically quite expensive and it distracts them from their actual work.

Applanga disrupts this with automation.

The Applanga SDK automatically finds all translatable texts, uploads them to a web dashboard where they can be conveniently translated by professional translators or your own team and also automatically deploys the translations back into the live app without the need of creating a new app version. Translations can be tested immediately in the real app but without any developer involvement. Applanga also provides automatic and smart screenshots to provide the translator with much more context then they would typically have wich leads to a highly increased translation quality and therefore a better customer experience as well as a higher retention. Applanga comes with SDKs for all major platforms and an open API for all custom integrations.