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schoolorama, experience life and work at school in a new, modern and motivated way - enable education in developing countries for free

by proscola

schoolorama as an application is the best school management system on the market. It links almost every working process in schools for all participants and creates secondary benefits concerning efficiency, quality and socio cultural aspects. Furthermore it attends teachers and students from a pedagogical perspective on their daily work and ensures transparent, non redundant and modern structures. schoolorama is the best instrument helping schools to establish "school 2.0".

Schoolorama is an entire high quality school system itself. We could say it is an entire "school in your pocket".

schoolorama creates a network between all participating schools and makes it possible to exchange learning materials and know how world wide. Between teachers in one school, between different schools in one country and between schools in different countries.

Proscola, as a company, will enable with schoolorama education everywhere by giving for free the application to any school or teacher in developing countries and further more by making all learning material produced in developed countries accessible for free to institutions with lower ressources of any kind.

Our goal is to carry actual well developed but classical school structures into the modern ages while helping the same time schools not having the needed ressources to ensure high quality education for free.

Please check our web site (construction not finished yet) for detalied information (in German). Or contact us under for as detailed documentation in PDF-format. We provide you also as fast as possible with Englisch documentations on demand.