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by bNesis

bNesis streamlines API integrations and teaches banks “to talk” to eWallets, scoring, payment and banking systems. Thus, simplifying and automating payments and data transfer and help them make more accurate credit decisions

bNesis combines multiple payment, scoring, and banking systems with all their functionality into a single solution. Instead of connecting necessary systems separately, wasting a lot of time and money on each of them, our customers need to connect bNesis only. In result, will save time and money on connections and their support.

Actually, we create the marketplace, in which our customers can choose multiple financial and scoring systems, combine them and connect as a single and ready to use platform completely on-premise. We give both back-end and front-end (even as an open source, depending on the needs of our customer) so that banks could create whatever they need, being, actually, independent

After bNesis is connected with the bank, banking customers can combine all their accounts from multiple banks and payment systems in a single mobile or WEB app of the bank.
Furthermore, banking customers (including enterprises) can easily apply for a credit in several clicks, by sharing their real-time financial metrics instead of preparing tons of documents. Scoring systems will make decision in seconds and automatically.

Connecting multiple scoring systems will help banks better understand which one exactly suits their needs. Instead of relying on marketing descriptions, we offer the banks to try and choose the best
This will help banks get more actual financial data of their customers, following PSD2 and GDPR regulations. Thus, banks will make more accurate credit decisions and will better understand their customers’ needs

Use cases. Banks, Telcos, Insurance and Supply chain industry