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Polyjamer turns anyone in the world into a musician

by Polyjamer

People LOVE music.
People love to CREATE music, PLAY music, on their own or together with friends in a group.
Interacting with live music in the moment is a feeling everyone can enjoy, but most people do not have time or patience to practice an instrument to the point that they can express themselves musically, let alone play with other people.
Available instruments and software are too complicated and time consuming for average user, many people try and then give up, many never even start.

We believe we managed to create an ultimate, most intuitive musical instrument. Music now can be created anywhere at any time on a smartphone or a tablet. Jam synchronisation allows users to connect with each other, and simplicity of an interface lets them focus on people around, without even looking on the screen.
All music is originally composed by user, no licensed music, no pre-made loops.

With Polyjamer you can:
1. Create 100% original music in seconds.
2. Send musical messages and collaborate long distance.
3. Perform live with nothing but your smart device.
4. Jam in real-time with friends or family using multiple devices.

Our mission is to unite people through creative collaboration. We aim to lower the barrier to becoming a musician to minimum! Anyone at any age and level of experience can compose music with Polyjamer.

Download our public beta on App Store for free and see for yourself: