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by 360Stories

360Stories is developing the next level of VR/AR storytelling. By capturing 360 footage of the most amazing cities on earth, and augmenting that content with real stories sourced from local communities, we are building an unmatched database of quality VR/AR content.

While AR tech catches up to the content, we believe that our stories will be best enjoyed by travelers on airplanes. Long flights can be awful. Stuck in cramped seating, with bad food and obnoxious neighbors—all one wants to do is escape and be somewhere else. With VR, that desire is made possible. With 360STORIES, travelers can escape into their next destination adventure.

360STORIES is offering remarkable onboard VR experiences of cities around the globe. As passengers fly to new destinations, they can discover local stories, history, and flavor with all the immersive power of virtual reality, and the powerful storytelling it enables.

Our immediate goal is to film the top 40 cities for traveling (we have already filmed 7), and to build immersive experiences on that footage using crowdsourced content and stories. We will then pitch these unique virtual tours to airlines as a modern option for in-flight entertainment.

While AR may not be a widespread technology now, the market prediction is that it will a ubiquitous technology within the next four or five years. Our tech will encompass the latest in VR/AI, and will offer the largest database of stories for AR by the time the technology achieves its potential.

We are a team of engineers, designers and content producers who have been working together in the AR/VR sphere for more than five years. Together we have produced more than 3000 videos, many of which have gone viral on Facebook. Our lead video producer is Vahag Mosinyan, who has an extensive background in film and production.