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SciFlow is a digital publishing platform for scientists to write, collaborate and share their articles.

by SciFlow

SciFlow addresses three challenges researchers have today:

1. Too much manual work: Scientists have to format the text, take care of citations and deal with media breaks because of different programs. If they decide to change the journal, they start all over again.

2. It's hard to work together: Researchers are connected worldwide, write and review their texts. Still, E-Mails with attachments are the choice for collaboration. Google Docs is used more often, although data ownership is unclear - a sign that researchers need new tools to work together.

3. Free access to research: Not even Harvard, the richest university in the world has all subscriptions to journals. Researchers pay to get published and pay again to read it. Resistance against that business model rises. Over 60 Germany universities are now boycotting the biggest publisher.

SciFlow's USP is that scientists can perform all activities on a single platform to publish a text.
* SciFlow has a text editor, specially designed to write scientific texts
* Co-authors and reviewers have a shared space to work together.
* SciFlow makes it easy to spread their results on the internet and with established publishers. With one click the text converts to the desired format.
* The published text can be read for free and get cited.

We publicly launch SciFlow in September. We already have over 100 active users and first signed Campus Agreement.