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sportaholix - welcome to your sportial network

by sportaholix UG

sportaholix is a platform that offers news and services to fitness -enthusiasts, - professionals and -companies.
The software (saas) focuses the fitness sector optimizing processes of personnel deployment planning, personnel recruitment, room allocation as well as purchasing and sales.
As a web based multichannel-platform, sportaholix acts as an intermediary, or lets say as a touchpoint, between the different parties and serves the interests of business customers as well as end users. The goal is to create a network that allows companies and freelancers of the fitness industry to bring their internal structures to a good level and to remain competitive. With sportaholix sportaholic users can follow their fitness idols and participate in workouts therewhile commercial users establish new business relationships and win new customers.
sportaholix is devided into 4 categories: jobs, booking, market & community.
In booking and market, professionals and companies offer their services, premises and physical products. Therewhile jobs, as a classical job portal with an algorithm of matching and ranking functions, enables specific job or applicant proposals. Theses categories merge into the community, which adresses fitness enthusiasts in general. Challenges, in which participants battle each other in workouts, complete the gamification and flirting factor in addition to classical posts, shares and comments.
Registered users benefit by the offers of professionals and companies: booking workshops or trainers, buying running shoes and treadmills, applying for job advertisements or blogging and challenging.
Advantages for commercial users (professionals & business): flexibility and secure hr-plannings, new sales channels and optimized processes, news and trends in the fitness sector in general.
We create synergies by combining employee branding, freelancer booking and vacancy management with simultaneous marketing of company and product (or service).