Startup Choice 2017 > Submission

Blockchainified Open Science Publishing

by Moringa Science Publishing UG

Society and scientists themselves are loosing trust in scientific publishing and science itself. We provide scientists with a secure solution to transparently publish all parts of their scientific work and move scientific discussion back into publishing. Our journals offer space for original research articles, negative results, experiment repetitions, technical reports and white papers, review articles and open discussion.

We are the first scientific publisher who publishes all parts of the scientific workflow in open science fashion, guard the authenticity of all publications by using a blockchain and secure the persistence of data and articles by using a distributed P2P storage system. On top of that we offer prices far below the median of open access publishing.

Berlin is the international hub of blockchain technology, but real world applications outside of fintech are still sparse. Scientific publishing is one of the very few big markets that is an convincing use case of blockchain and p2p data storage. With us you can show that Berlin and its innovative startup culture is already set to revolutionise this important sector for society. With its history in research and publishing Berlin is also a perfect place for our startup.