Startup Choice 2017 > Submission


by TerraLoupe GmbH

TerraLoupe detects objects in geo images - intelligent and automatically.
The core competence of TerraLoupe is intelligent automatic geo image recognition via machine learning/ deep learning.

What is the problem you are solving?
Top companies know that you can only manage what you measure. In the past, geo images could be analysed only manually or in parts. Today TerraLoupe enables the customer to receive digital information of large outdoor areas, e.g. the automotive sector needs a large amount of accurate street maps to enable safe autonomous driving with more info of objects such as lane markings, guardrails etc not available today.
Insurers can develop a much more precise assessment of risks when taking additional building-related information into account. E.g. all-glass roof areas of a city that could be damaged in the next hail storm.

What is unique about your solution?
There is large customer value potential for digital and automatically gained information in several industries e.g. enabling improved risk assessments for (re)insurances; precise navigation in cm-accuracy for autonomous vehicles; detection of available roof areas for the solar energy industry. - TerraLoupe offers digital and automatic information of our environment. E.g. all information of a building such as floors, the number of windows, angle of the roof but also the radius of street curves or types of road signs.
The combination of high-resolution image data and intelligent analysis is the future of automated image processing and computer vision. Manual analysis of geo images is time-consuming and therefore expensive and inefficient, additionally not feasible for large areas. A software that provides inch-perfect, automatic processing and intelligent object recognition will push current technology to its limit.